Taehwagang National Garden and Simni Bamboo Grove (Eunhasugil) (태화강 국가정원 십리대숲 (은하수길))


Simni Bamboo Grove is a bamboo forest that stretches over about 4 km along the Taehwagang River and is a natural garden using bamboo that has grown naturally for a long time. It is a healing space in the city where the river wind blowing through the bamboo and the whisper of bamboo leaves tickle your ears.

A unique night garden where the Milky Way descends at night. It is a must-see course where you can feel as if you are walking along the Milky Way in the night sky as colorful lights meet bamboo. In addition, through the outdoor escape room game on the Real World app, an experiential mission game platform, you can enjoy a mystery while taking a walk in Simni Bamboo Grove.





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Taehwa-dong, Jung-gu, Ulsan