Inyeon Hanok (인연)

  • Inyeon Hanok (인연)
  • Inyeon Hanok (인연)
  • Inyeon Hanok (인연)
  • Inyeon Hanok (인연)
  • Inyeon Hanok (인연)
  • Inyeon Hanok (인연)
  • Inyeon Hanok (인연)
  • Inyeon Hanok (인연)
  • Inyeon Hanok (인연)
  • Inyeon Hanok (인연)
  • Inyeon Hanok (인연)


The Korea's largest "hanok (traditional Korean house)" village in the middle of Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do has been there for hundreds of years. Today, you can see new as well as old houses there. “Inyeon” is one of the traditional Korean houses located near the public parking lot on the outskirts of the hanok village, making it a great place to stay overnight in quiet. The word "inyeon" means "relationship" in Korean, referring to all types of ties with other people. The owner of the guesthouse named the place as such because she is greatful for all the guests and wanted to treat them well. She opened the guesthouse in September 2014. Since then, she has been kind enough to tell her guests which places are good to visit and which foods are delicious. She makes sure all the facilities including sheets and blankets are maintained clean for her guests to have a memorable stay. Built in the 1960's and remodeled in 2008, the traditional house is neat with most of the traditional features. It has four guestrooms named "Apricot Flower", "Orchid", "Chrysenthemum", and "Bamboo". The "Orchid Room" and "Bamboo Room" can accommodate up to seven people. The floor is covered with lacquered traditional Korean paper, and there are a number of traditional items in the room including the Korean gong. The traditional Korean ceiling rafters are visible in all the rooms. All the rooms are furnished with a bathroom, air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, toiletries, and hair dryer. There is a 200-year-old pomegranate tree in the yard, and a table and chairs right in front of it for the guests to relax on a fair day. The table made of an old door and chairs made of a log under the red pomegranates are one of the most outstanding features of this guesthouse. There are lots of traditional items in the yard with which you can play traditional Korean games such as "yutnori" and "jegichagi", all of which can be used by the guests for free.


Bong Hye-suk +82-10-2908-4965

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Comment ça marche?

Nombre de places : 20 persons

Heure d'entrée : 15:00

Heure de départ : 10:30

Chambre meublée : N/A

Nourriture et boissons : Available (Tea room with wooden floor, water purifier)

Demandes de renseignements et d'information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-10-2908-4965

Des places de parking : None (public parking lot available; 50% off on parking fee)

service de ramassage : N/A

Nombre de chambres : 4

Politique de réservation : Available (+82-10-2908-4965, www.전주한옥숙박.kr)

Page d'accueil de réservation :,,

Type de chambre : ※ Room Type - Traditional ondol room

Échelle : Approx. 99㎡, 1 floor

Equipements (Autre) : Food & Beverage Facility


36, Hanji-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Région Jeonbuk