Dodong Lighthouse (도동등대(행남등대))

  • Dodong Lighthouse (도동등대(행남등대))
  • Dodong Lighthouse (도동등대(행남등대))


Dodonghang Lighthouse is located on the easternmost point of Ulleungdo Island, between Dodonghang and Jeodonghang Ports. The lighthouse is also called Haengnam Lighthouse after the nearby village. On clear days, visitors can see Dokdo Island to the east from atop the lighthouse. To the north, visitors can see the beautiful landscape of Jeodonghang Port, Chotdaebawi Rock, and Seonginbong Peak.

The lighthouse opened as an unmanned lighthouse in December of 1954. However, an increase in fishing boats operating in the area led to the upgrade into a manned lighthouse in June 1979.




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291-71, Haengnam-gil, Ulleung-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do