1960 Cheongwonmomil (1960 청원모밀)

  • 1960 Cheongwonmomil (1960 청원모밀)
  • 1960 Cheongwonmomil (1960 청원모밀)


1960 Cheongwonmomil is a popular restaurant on Chungjang-ro Street, serving buckwheat noodles since 1960. It features white tables along with bright lighting. The representative menu is momil guksu, attracting people's appetite. Also, they offer kkakdugi (diced radish kimchi) made in-house.



¿Cómo funciona?

Menú Representante : Momil-guksu (Buckwheat noodle soup)

Consultas e Información : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-62-222-2210

Horas : 10:30-20:30

Política de Reservas : Tel: +82-62-222-2210

Off días : Seollal (Lunar New Year's Day) & Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) holidays

Menú Procesamiento : Momil guksu (buckwheat noodle soup) / Momil jjajang (buckwheat noodle with black soybean sauce) / Yubu udon (fried tofu udon) / Bibim momil (buckwheat noodle with spicy sauce) / Etc.

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174-1, Jungang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju