Sanho Jjimgalbi ([백년가게]산호찜갈비)

  • Sanho Jjimgalbi ([백년가게]산호찜갈비)
  • Sanho Jjimgalbi ([백년가게]산호찜갈비)


Jjim galbi (braised galbi) is one of Daegu's top ten items, which visitors can experience at the Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi Street. Among the restaurants here, Sanho Jjim Galbi has appeared on various prodcasts, thanks to their tender meat and tasty, spicy sauce. The restaurant uses only the finest meat from domestic stock, cooked with medicinial herbs in the braising process for a taste that is surpreme.

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Menú Representante : Jjim galbi (braised galbi)

Consultas e Información : 053-422-2523

Día inaugural : 1986-08-28

Horas : 10:00-22:00

Aparcamientos : Available (4 spaces)

Menú Procesamiento : Jjim galbi (braised galbi), sogogi jjigae (beef stew)

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9-9, Dongdeok-ro 36-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu